Literature Entry Week 6

Breaking tradition!!   Following Tradition!!  

Today in out tutorial, which i enjoy as always, we read and discussed the poem 'Breaking Tradition' by Janice Mirikitani. Not only was the poem so very interesting but the discussions we always have about the poems as a class is really helpful and extremely intereting. It's really fasinating when you hear the different opinions, thought and expressions of peoms by our peers. It then makes me see a whole different side of the poem. And brekas the poem up for me. Normally, after i read poems i don't usually understand it right away. But in class, when someone just gives their first thought on the poem it almost automatically opens the door of all these new and different interpretations of the poem. So as you see, the open discussions we have in our tutorials is a great benefit for me.

Well, about the poem, i really think she is actually FOLLWING TRADITION, the tradition of rebelling. Like her mother who says " i want to break tradition", the daughter herself is following in the footsteps of her mother, which then makes you realise that  she is actually following the tradition of rebeliing. just my humble opinion ofcorse. 

I find that this issue of "breaking tradition" is seen throughout many of our lives. More particularly my life, alothough i see myself in the posotion of the mother (without a daughter, ofcorse). But I still think that there are still many things that I am not allowed to do that I can see my children doing. Like the mother, I want to break tradition, but the thought of my parents and the fact that they've made their rules as clear as crystal, there is no way i can break tradition. Yet, to some degree, I've broken tradition, but not too much. I see my siblings and I are in the position of the mother... we want to do things differently- sometimes, but don't. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I just think the rules my parents have set for us is all for our benefit. And in the end I really respect their upbringin and wish that some day, I could be just as successful as they are. 

Take care :) 


Literature Entry Week 3

Blank. Nothing. Oh God! Four tinsy-winsy minutes. The feeling of nervousness can easily be noticed by the echos of akward giggles filling up the room. Rolls of eyes. Followed by- silence. I suddenly hear "stop". I look around. Blankly. Making an attempt. Trying. Useless. 

                             My attempt to produce a piece with the same style as Mark Leyner. Who actually is an outstanding writer! I admire his unique style. As he cretes a collage of events and pastes them all together to create a caotic yet exciting environment. Atempting to creat a story some-what like Mark Leyner's style, made me feel as though i could freely write  without having to feel paranoid that my story portrays my feelings. And that is my week 3 realisation: I feel limited with what i can write as i feel as though my texts display a side of me I wouldn't really like to show. Which therefore makes me produce something not at open or broad and crazy (as i am).

In our tutorials, we read a fantastic piece by Dorothy Parker "The Waltz". This story portrays the deep and true feelings of a young women who was forced to dance with a man. A man who was described as a "hulking peasant". She explores, and ever so deeply allows the readers into the mind of this girl. The use of humour 'I suppose I ought to think myself lucky if he brings me back alive.' , sarcasm ' Two stumbles, slip and a twenty-yard dash; yes. I've got it.' , and the use italics all attribute to the imaginative and engaging effect of this piece. 

Personally i found this short-story such an engaging piece, not sure whether it was MG's vibrant style of reading that gave it a little more 'umph', or was it simply an attractive story? Both i think! 
The situaton the women is going through, i think could relate to many girls of todays time. Although not the waltz, but the fear of rejection. Most women would be too nice to reject a dance request. And that's where this story can be utilised to reflect the feelings of  poor women who but with little or no enthusiasm are forced to dance with men totally not their type!! 

Pretty much it for this week. 
See you Next week! 
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My bebbie


the moment i knew you were mine
my heart could not stop thinking of you
i told my self i would be fine
letting my heart belong to you

but something would always stop me 
from loving you
i was afraid we wouldnt be


i would remain forever stuck in your love 
forever grieved for the loss of my heart 
to my one and only other half 

im so glad we've made it through
and now i open up my heart to you

My one and only bebbie..

Umamah Abdat
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Literature Entry Week 2

Friday 29th February. Literature. Creative writing. Not good. 
This week, in our lecture, i was made to write up the beginning of a creative writing. On the spot. And suprisingly, even though it was only meant to be the first 3 sentences, i could not come up with anything! And then time was up! 
It was great to hear all the different pieces other class mates came up with, they were so much better than anything i could ever come up with. I now intened to broaden my creativity and hopefully aim to produce a creative writing some what close to great, imaginative and engaging!

:) Thats it for this week.
My week 2 realisation: I am not a very imaginative writer :(


Literature Entry Week 1

 Literature...week 1. Normally, thats a scary week. Normally thats the week the butterflies come and the stress begins to appear all over again. The feeling of starting kindi again!  But Literature this week was...not what i had expected. At first, choosing literature wasn't something i was totally drooling over,not because i dont enjoy it- i do! But i am totally not great or even good at ESSAYS!!!& But as i want to become a primary school teacher, literature would be needed in every aspect of my future career. And therefore i chose him!&

I'm not too sure this is actually something i should tell the public, but i accidently missed my first tutorial! Didnt realise i had it that Friday, and later on when i did realise i was too late for it! Fortunately though, i was there for the Lecture. Glad i was. As i met many great and friendly people and ofcorse the lecturer himself, Friendly, Approachable, Michael Griffth.

After reading through our unit outlines, we discussed why literature should be studied and how vital it was. To me Literature was always a subject i knew i would never leave out, as in high school and the society we're in now, it always stressed on the importance of literature in our everyday lives. And i couldnt agree more! Anyhow, we then contiuned the lecture by watching sences from Dead Poets Society, which seemed like a very interesting movie to watch, anywayyyss (i get side tracked very easily), literature was portrayed in a very different and unique way by Mr Keating. It was taught not only literal works, but also an inspiration, an encouragement which can inspire one to reach out for their dreams.

 I thought the teaching methods presented by Mr Keating was very unusual for that society, but very beneficial for the students. He gave them hope and inspired them to follow their dreams. His teaching style was really something i would take on board for my career hopefully. But ofcorse i won't be scaring my kids away, by telling them they'll die soon. because remember, im teaching primary- hopefully just kindigaren to year 2 though.

You know what? I actually thought i would never get to write this much. So i do blab on alot hey?
Really looking forward to my next literature classes, and hope they are as exciting if not more than week 1
byeeeeee :)